Programming and Coding Courses

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Au Academy provides coding and programming courses for kids and students in the Hornsby and North Shore area.  Students range from beginning (no exposure to programming) to advanced.

Course Description
Our interactive computer science course is taught by experts and professionals in the fields of IT, ICS, and Programming.  In this interactive course, students are divided by level and ability in computer science knowledge.
Computer Languages Taught
We teach students to program in C, C++, Java and Python.  Students will also learn Visual Basic and processing. Students apply the concepts they learned in actual projects, experiments, and inter-class competitions.
Our students have programmed several of their own computer games (e.g., Uno, Ping, Battle, Paint, Tic-Tac-Toe). Projects will vary according to each class.
Date, Time and Cost
Our Programming classes cost $50 per session. We recommend all interested students to try the class out one time to see if they like it first! (We know programming isn’t for everybody, but when students persist, we have seen remarkable results–in students as young as nine!)