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Our Excellent Educators

Priya is a Med / Sci double major in her final year at UNSW. She is pursuing her MD. Our students (and Educators) love Priya because she is the nicest and most sincere person who has ever lived.
Patience Percentage 100%
Kourosh is in his final year at UNSW studying Advanced Maths / Actuarial Studies. He teaches our maths classes. He is very calm and is always smiling.
Maths Genius 100%
LynEducator & Administrator
Lyn is a Macquarie University graduate with a Bachelors in Environmental Science. She heads our front office reception area and loves interacting with our students. In her spare time, Lyn enjoys travelling, camping and watching plants grow.
Administration Extraordinaire 100%
Darian (Daz)
Darian (Daz)Educator
Darian is (hands-down) one of our most popular tutors. He takes time to get to know each of his students and relates to them before he ventures on to teach them the topics. Students are all left Daz-zled after his classes.
Dazzling Factor 100%
Madeleine (Maddy)
Madeleine (Maddy)Educator
Madeleine is one of our finest tutors. She is both energetic and engaging. Her students love her ease in explanation. She taught a Year 1 student to read in less than one (1) hour! Don’t believe it? Just ask the delighted parents!
Friendliness Factor 100%
Maria is our most senior tutor (she has been with us since we started)! She has a background in Maths and Engineering. She previously taught our Advanced Maths classes and is currently working as a Maths teacher / tutor at St. Joseph’s.
Excellence Level 100%
Sarah is a force to be reckoned with! She can quote classics by heart and reads every spare chance she gets. She teaches our Advanced English courses and has helped struggling students achieve a Band 6 in English. Most of her students are Duxes (because she is that good)! In her spare time, Sarah is an active voice for sex trafficking victims and leads a non-profit organisation in the North Shore.
Charitable 100%
Georgia is an English and Law tutor at Au Academy. She is also a debating coach at Loreto Normanhurst. Georgia teaches primary and secondary students how to navigate the waters of expository, descriptive, narrative and persuasive essays. Because she loves to write, she has instilled this in all her students.
English Enthusiast 100%
Guy is currently undertaking a Masters in English at Macquarie University. His previous experience includes working as a tutor and a website writer for Macquarie University. You can find Guy reading classics. Guy is fun, quirky and extremely patient. He works well with students who need that extra push and extra inspiration. His expertise is secondary English and he has read all (if not all) the texts required in secondary English!
Classic Books Read 100%
You will absolutely never find Jess without a cup of tea! She is in her second year of International Studies and Law at UNSW. In her spare time she loves to explore and travel, and is prone to asking random geographical quiz questions! She likes a laugh, and tries to make even the most boring concepts fun.
Inspirational Factor 100%
Avneet is one of our best Mathematics tutors. He is no stranger to the learning process, tutoring with friendliness and patience. He is currently in his second year at the University of New South Wales, studying Commerce and Economics. Always dressed sharply, it’s no wonder his friends call him “The Fresh Prince of Bhele”.
Mathematics Enthusiast! 100%
CherylEducator and Administrator
Cheryl is currently undertaking a Bachelor of International Studies (Business) and Bachelor of Media (Communications and Journalism) at the University of New South Wales. She heads our front office reception area and tutors HSC English and Ancient History. In her spare time, Cheryl writes for online magazines across Australia.
Administration Whiz! 100%
Daniel is currently in his second year at the University of New South Wales, studying a double degree in Advanced Maths & Civil Engineering. He teaches Maths classes at Au Academy (although he achieved a HSC state ranking in English!) and is passionate about helping kids develop their mathematical skills. Daniel is always happy to help out our students and answer any questions they may have.
Extension Maths Extraodinaire! 100%
Yalinna is one of our friendly maths tutors at Au Academy who cares deeply about every student’s learning. She is currently in her third year of studying a Bachelor of Medical Studies and Doctor of Medicine at the University of New South Wales. She loves to show students that maths can be simple and enjoyable for everyone, so you will often find her making endless (and often bizarre) analogies to get a point across.
Intelligent Factor 100%
Michelle teaches primary school Maths and English. She is a warm and kind-hearted tutor who gets along well with younger students. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science and International Studies at UNSW and is now undertaking an Honours degree in Cardiac Physiology, or as she calls it “Matters of the Heart”. Michelle always encourages her students to see study as a small obstacle that can be overcome. Michelle is knowledgeable in Ancient Greek and Roman History facts and enjoys snacks, ice hockey and science puns.
Heart of Gold 100%
Eric is a primary maths and English tutor. He is a B.Sci (Adv) graduate, who is currently completing Honours in Pharmacology. Eric is an enthusiastic tutor who is always striving to create an easy-going atmosphere with all his students.
He enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset and on weekends he enjoys jogging with his imaginary dog. When we asked him about it, he told us that ‘The best thing about having an imaginary dog is that I can have a new dog each week.’
Sensational Scientist 100%
Tommy is a first year studying a Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW. Tommy is very patient when it comes to teaching and will always try to suit the lesson to how the students would like it. Tommy always aims to share his enthusiasm for math with his students and hopes they will find it as fun as he does. Tommy enjoy playing volleyball and can also been found snacking whenever he’s doing anything. While he loves all snacks, his favourite is buttered popcorn jelly beans!
Edginess 100%
Saurav is currently in his second year at UNSW, studying Electrical Engineering. Teaching Maths, and the Preliminary course for both Chemistry and Physics, Saurav’s charismatic personality ensures every student feels included and excited at the thought of coming to tutoring. Apart from analysing electrical circuits, Saurav spends his time looking at pictures of dogs on the internet. He also enjoys watching TV.
Stellar Scientist 100
Peregrine (Perry)
Peregrine (Perry)Educator
Perry is one of our very own Au Academy graduates who has a perpetually calm and sunny disposition. He is currently undertaking a Biomedical Engineering degree at the University of Sydney. In addition to being stellar when it comes to the books, Perry also has a prowess in competitive swimming, national volleyball and enjoys playing the piano.
All Smiles Factor! 100%
Hamish is a Math and English tutor for primary and secondary students at Au Academy. He is currently in his second year at Macquarie University studying Law and Arts, majoring in Music. Hamish is structured and creative in the way he presents content to each student to make learning easier and enjoyable and to develop a passion for the subject in their further education.
All Smiles Factor! 100%
Zac Educator
In his first year of a journalism degree at Maquarie University, Zac tutors Math and English at Au Academy. With a passion for helping them discover the deeper, underlying concepts that make up their subjects, Zac’s students come away from their lessons feeling enriched and enlightened. When he’s not helping students unleash their academic potential, Zac can be found representing his university in water polo or rehearsing for his latest musical project.
Energetic 100%
GraceEducator and Administrator
Grace is one of our administration team members. She is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) and Secondary Education. Aside from questions about any maths problems you may have, do not hesitate to ask her anything about gyming because she is also a BroScientist! Her life goal is to become an educator who can help students with not only their academic performance but also their mental wellness.
Gym fanatic 100%
Mary Administrator
Mary is currently undertaking a Bachelor Commerce/Design (Hons) at UNSW. As an administrator, she is always happy to help and answer any questions. She also loves to learn languages, and can understand four different languages! If you ever want to practice your Spanish and Japanese, Mary is keen to chat.
Language Lover 100%
EmilyAdministrator & Educator
Emily is currently in her first year at UNSW studying a bachelor of Advanced Science. As a member of the administrator team, Emily is kind, caring and always ready to answer any questions, whether they be admin related or for Math and English, which she tutors with a kind and structured approach. Emily also has a passion for cooking, and you will find her baking for her friends and family in her spare time.
Baking Extraordinaire 100%
Mr. J
Mr. J heads our Maths, Selective Test and Opportunity Class Preparation Courses. He is a Maths and General Ability extraordinaire. He runs a tech company, knows cryptology, programming and thoroughly enjoys teaching his kids. He sees it as a hobby, not a job!
Care Factor 100%
Kim has a Juris Doctor from UCLA – Law and two honours degrees from UCI. She has a decade of experience working with students and helping them achieve their vision of success. She also works at two private schools in the North Shore.
Megha, Anna & Rayani
Megha, Anna & RayaniAu Tick Tick Crew
Megha, Anna and Rayani are the Au markers. You can usually find at least one of them every day annoying the admins with random questions or making each other tea in the Au kitchens.

If you’re ever bored at Au, go chat to them, they’d be keen to chat about anything and everything. Beware though, if you want them to do dream interpretations, they’ll probably end up giving you a very long lecture on why you shouldn’t end your narratives with “but it was all just a dream”.

Brilliant Factor 100%
Gracie is the CEO of Au Academy and the cleanliness coordinator. She can be found working hard, often staying back after hours and sweeping up classroom after classroom for the valued students of Au. Gracie has only been with us for a couple of months but already plays a notable role in the Au Community and always has a lovely disposition.
Hygiene Heroine 100%

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