Most students struggle with traditional tutoring, finding it both un-fulfilling and un-engaging. Traditional tutoring can be impersonal and dry, failing to excite students about English, mathematics or the sciences.  Traditional tutoring (whether it is in group sessions or individual sessions) can also become another form of “school.”

At Au Academy, we pride ourselves on the importance we place on the student experience – providing our students with a wholesome tutoring program. Our focus is not only placed on rote memorization–important in the early primary years—but also on speed, accuracy and understanding.  We provide all the educational resources our students need to learn, and we do this in a supportive, interactive environment. Our students receive books, homework packets and 24/7 online study resources developed by Australian educators for the new 2014 NSW Curriculum.  We provide individualised attention to all our students–even those in our small group sessions.  We also have a state-of-the-art facility, so our students are always engaged in the learning materials.

Most importantly, our students are always welcome at our centre–at all hours our centre is open.  We provide unlimited study and revision hours for our students.  We provide a computer laboratory, laptops in every classroom and interactive projectors in every classroom. At Au Academy, we believe in helping all students in the local community.  That is, students whose families are undergoing financial difficulties can also contact us for assistance.  If you or someone you know may be in financial difficulty but need tutoring, please give us a call at 02 8407 9550.

We pride ourselves in providing a wholesome tutoring experience for all students in the community.


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