1) What makes Au Academy different from any other coaching/tutoring centre?

Au Academy is a project and technology-based tutoring and science centre. We provide write-able walls, interactive projectors, free exam and revision support and a computer lab with printing services for our students. For our Years 1 – 10 students, we provide access to study guides, lectures and assessments developed for the NSW Curriculum. Students in Years 11 – 12 will receive in-depth lectures and course-specific study guides for their classes. Additionally, we have a wealth of educational resources developed by qualified, experienced Australian educators, American educators, attorneys, physicians and mathematicians. We provide instruction in a dynamic environment with interactive lectures and exciting lessons that cater to auditory, visual and textual learners. Through years of experience and innovative teaching methodologies, involving active learning techniques and state of the art technology, Au Academy can help your child succeed.

As educators who are passionate about the exciting world of learning, we believe that students whose minds are stimulated by a rich environment perform better than their peers. Our Principal has helped students matriculate into the TOP Universities in the WORLD with test scores in the 90 – 100 percentile.

Please read: the NSW Fair Trading Warning on Tutoring

What We Offer (Above and Beyond)

  • Student progress monitoring against their school, the NSW Board of Studies Framework & Curriculum, and our Accelerated Head-Start Enrichment Program
  • Customised schedules even for the busiest of students
  • Subject to Availability: Personalised Tutoring* to Target Student Weaknesses (Call us for details.)
  • Interactive environments and creative atmosphere to foster ingenuity and intuit understanding
  • Computer lab with printing services for research, assignments and classwork
  • Write-able walls so student will always have space to jot down their ideas
  • Qualified, Experienced Educators
  • Open Door Policy to Ensure Honesty, Transparency and Responsibility
  • Accelerated Head-Start Enrichment Program during School Holidays
  • Parent Updates + Progress Reports
  • We offer REFUNDS (pro-rated to hours used) and NO CANCELLATION FEE.
  • Due to our customised tuition program, we fit any and all budgets.
  • On-Going Enrolment for Coaching & Tutoring (Schedule and Registration)

2) How do I know if Au Academy teachers can help my child?

At Au Academy, we refer to our “teachers” as “educators,” not so much because the terms are synonymous but because we believe our educators are specialists in the field of education. Our educators refine our students’ thought-processes and study habits in addition to imparting skills, knowledge and understanding. All our educators have passed our Minimum Requirements Standard (please see our Employment section) and have shown their superb knowledge of the subject-area in comprehensive exam(s).

More than just experts in a particular field, we choose educators who are multi-disciplinary, well-rounded professionals. We ask that our educators be technologically-savvy (possess the “know-how” of the Computer Age) and have the ability to motivate and inspire our students. Additionally, we require that all our educators pass an English or grammar examination. Educators must not only be proficient in the disciplines of STEM², but they must also have the requisite knowledge to engage in liberal arts and language arts discourse.


1) How much is tuition?

We pride ourselves in being one of the most affordable education/coaching centres in Sydney. We provide affordable education without a compromise in quality. Therefore, our customised schedules fits almost any budget. Compare the costs of our program with our competitors, we are a savings of 20 – 70%!

  • We offer REFUNDS (pro-rated to hours used) and NO CANCELLATION FEE.
  • Due to our customised tuition program, we fit any and all budgets.
  • Our contract terms are on one page. Simple. We are an education centre–not a business.
  • Our tuition starts at $55 per hour!