Au academy offers both an advanced and beginners programming course for students of all skill levels.

Our Programming classes cost $50 per session. We recommend all interested students to try the class out one time to see if they like it first! (We know programming isn’t for everybody, but when students persist, we have seen remarkable results–in students as young as nine!)

Students will learn how to code in languages such as Python and will learn fundamental programming concepts which they will apply to make their own programs and video games.

Beginners Programming

In this class, students will be introduced to programming through the Python language. Students will learn different aspects of programming and the Python programming language such as variables, arrays, loops, text manipulation and conditional statements. They will also use the Turtle and Tkinter libraries to create fun graphical programs.

Advanced Programming

In the advanced programming course, student will learn the aspects of the Java programming language such as variables, exception handling and class inheritance as well software design principles, and will later undertake competitions.