Au Academy is now offering online tutoring for private sessions, classes, and OC and Selective Training! If you are interested in online or in-person tutoring for any of the subjects we offer, please email us at and we will reply within 12 hours. 

Coaching & Tutoring for Years 1 – 12 & Uni Students

Our after-school program encompasses several pedagogical objectives:

1) We help students understand their school subjects in a supportive, caring environment.
We provide students with access to lectures and study guides developed by Australian educators and in line with the new 2014 NSW Curriculum (Years 1 – 10). Similarly, our Years 11 – 12 students will receive in-depth lectures and course-specific study guides for their classes. We also provide curriculum resources developed by leading education countries (e.g., Finland, Singapore and the United States), so your child has the best resources to succeed.

2) We help students accelerate in their classes via our innovative, hands-on lectures.
Our Interactive lectures cater to visual, auditory, and textual learners. We believe that students whose minds are stimulated by an educationally rich environment perform better than their peers.

3) We target student weaknesses by providing personalised help at no additional cost.
Our small, classroom environment provides students with individualised attention. Our students are actively engaged in their class materials. In addition, we provide free, personalised tutoring to help struggling students. Call us for details.

4) We provide a computer laboratory with free printing services, laptops in every classroom, interactive projectors in every classroom, write-able walls and free internet access. Our Educators are qualified, intelligent and compassionate.
We believe that students learn best when they are supported in an interactive, learning environment.

5) We offer additional exam support, essay editing and revision help to struggling students and students who want that extra edge.