Why We Work

We have over a decade of experience tutoring and teaching students both in the United States and Australia.  We have worked with MIT, Harvard and UCLA graduates in pursuit of academic excellence.

On a global stage, our former students have ranked in the 90th – 99th percentile of students in the world.  Our former students have been admitted to the Top Universities in the World (e.g., UCLA, Berkeley, MIT, etc.) with relevant test scores in the 90th – 100th percentile.  Our Principal is the former Vice Principal of Excelsius Academy and is the current Board Member of Excelsius Academy.

Our former students have been admitted to the state’s top Selective Schools, are state ranked, and are globally ranked. Our students have been admitted to the most competitive fields of study in Australia (ranging from medicine to engineering to actuarial studies and law) in the most competitive universities. Our students ATAR scores range from 90 – 99.9! Simply, our holistic approach to education works.