Chemistry Tutoring

Homework Help: The first 30 – 45 minutes of class time is devoted to helping students with their school Chemistry homework.  More than just coaching ahead of the syllabus, we also lay the foundation for understanding theories and concepts students are learning in school. Academy Homework: All homework given at Au Academy centres on HSC-style questions or targeting existing weaknesses.
Interactive Lecture: emphasis on HSC-style Chemistry concepts, theories and vocabulary; going over Chemistry syllabus by topic and dot points; all students will receive study guides and a class book. Problem-Solving: students learn Chemistry by solving problems and analysing them with the help of our Educators.

What We Provide

Proven Results

We have helped students gain admission to the Top Universities in the World (e.g., MIT, UCLA, USyd and Berkeley) and helped students rank nationally and globally.  We have helped students score in the 90th – 100th percentile on several standardised tests.  We can help you with your target goals, whether that is a 99.95 ATAR or admission to Harvard.

Guides, Homework & Exams

Students in Years 11 – 12 receive relevant study guides, interactive lecture materials and resources written by Australian educators for the new NSW curriculum.  Students will receive in-depth study guides, course-specific homework and free mock exams and revision exams in preparation for their courses.

Interactive Lectures

Students receive individualised attention in our small class sizes. Students are exposed to various visual, textual and auditory resources.  Our interactive lectures help students understand and intuit their class materials.  All classes are taught by qualified, experienced Au Academy Educators.

Feedback and Student Progress

All Au Academy students receive weekly, written comments from our Educators.  We also provide real-time updates and attendance tracking to parents who wish to know their children’s academic progress.

Personalised Tutoring at No Additional Cost

Struggling students receive personalised tutoring to target weaknesses and strengthen understanding.  Students who cannot keep up in our small class sizes or keep up with the head-start curriculum will receive customised and personalised tutoring at no additional cost.

Unlimited Study Hours

We provide a quiet, safe environment for our students to study and revise for exams at all hours our centre is open.  We also provide free internet, access to laptops and computers, free printing services, and open access to beverages and snacks.

Access to Computer Laboratory

All Au Academy students have access to a computer laboratory for research, studying and class assignments.  We also offer free printing services and free computer assistance to our students.

Free Beverages and Pastries

All Au Academy students have access to the Academy tea room, where tea, coffee and hot chocolate are available.  We also provide pastries and snacks (e.g., pies, yogurt, muesli, banana bread, carrot cake and buttered hot cross buns).  We believe that a supportive environment helps students learn.


Chemistry Course Outline

Preliminary Course
Topic 1: Properties and Structure of Matter
Topic 2: Introduction to Quantitative Chemistry
Topic 3: Reactive Chemistry
Topic 4: Drivers of Reactions
HSC Course
Topic 1: Equilibrium and Acid Reactions
Topic 2: Acid/Base Reactions
Topic 3: Organic Chemistry
Topic 4: Applying Chemical Ideas

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Please find our Chemistry Schedule below:

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