Our Excellent Educators


Heart of Gold
Priya is currently pursuing her postgraduate Medical Degree, having graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor’s Med/ Sci double major. Our students (and Educators) absolutely love Priya because she is the nicest and most sincere person who has ever lived. By projecting her calming and patient demeanour, Priya aims to connect with her students in order to understand which effective learning styles suit them best.


Medical Mastermind

Yalinna is one of our amazingly stellar Senior Maths tutors at Au Academy who cares deeply about every student’s learning. She is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Medical Studies and Doctor of Medicine at the University of New South Wales. She loves to show students that Maths can be simple and enjoyable for everyone, so you will often find her making endless (and often bizarre) analogies to get a point across.


English Einstein

Perry is one of our very own Au Academy graduates who has his perpetually calm, with an active and sunny disposition. He is currently undertaking a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Sydney. In addition to being stellar when it comes to the books, Perry also has a prowess in competitive swimming, national volleyball and enjoys playing the piano.


Legal Mastermind

You will absolutely never find Jess without a cup of tea! She is currently studying International Studies and Law at UNSW. In her spare time she loves to explore and travel, and is prone to asking random geographical quiz questions! She likes a laugh, and tries to make even the most boring concepts fun.


English Wizard
Cheryl is in her penultimate year of a double Bachelor’s degree in International Studies (European Studies) and Media (Communications and Journalism) at the University of New South Wales. Cheryl enjoys imparting her knowledge of English and History, helping her students gain a strong foundational knowledge to inform and supplement their writing skills. Cheryl loves reading and travelling, and can always be found with a book or two. In her spare time, she writes for online magazines across Australia.


English Aficiondo

Sarah has a BA in English from Macquarie University and is currently getting her MDiv from SMBC. She has been tutoring for over 10 years and is currently a part-time Student Minister at her church. Sarah loves to read constantly (much to the wonder and annoyance of friends and family) and is awaiting publication for her first novel. “English and the narratives we get to learn about make the world easier to understand. Plus, sorry guys, it’s just better than maths!”


Punctilious Mathematician

Soham graduated from Normanhurst Boys High School, and is currently undertaking a degree in Medical Science at UNSW. Soham is very capable and loves to help students in Maths, English, and all Sciences. He wishes to share his knowledge and insight about how to break down difficult concepts and believes practice makes perfect – especially in avoiding silly mistakes. In his spare time, Soham loves to binge TV shows, read mythology books and play tennis.


Science Da Vinci

Paul is currently studying Med Science at the University of Sydney. He is majoring in neuroscience and pursuing a medical degree. Paul is extra passionate about science, particularly chemistry and biology. Paul’s most notable trait as a tutor is his patience, which he believes is crucial to a student’s understanding. Paul also loves to play cricket, and you will often find him on the pitch in his spare time!


Maths Superhero

Alex is currently studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education/Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney. Hoping to become a high school Maths teacher, Alex is passionate about Maths and strives to pass on his passion to all of his students in a positive and engaging classroom setting. In his spare time, Alex enjoys watching and playing football.


All-Rounder Genius

Arunen is currently undertaking a double degree in Civil Engineering and Commerce. He is a great Maths and English tutor and is very passionate about making sure students to achieve their full potential by developing a thirst for knowledge. Arunen is admired for his unending patience and he understands the importance of consistently engaging his students in a focused yet interactive setting. In his spare time he likes to play cricket and football, and also plays the violin.


Fabulous Educator

Bella is currently undertaking Bachelor of Psychology – Honours degree at Macquarie University. Isabella has an undeniable passion for working with children and young adults and will always do her absolute best to create a safe environment for students to work in. Isabella hopes to inspire students and make them feel confident in their work, just as her tutors did throughout my years of schooling. When she isn’t tutoring or studying, Isabella loves to sing!


Edgy Genius

Tommy is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW. As an extremely gentle and calm person, Tommy is very patient when it comes to teaching and will always conduct his lessons to suit his students’ interests. Tommy always aims to share his enthusiasm for Maths with his students and hopes they can find it as fun as he does in a proactive class setting. In his free time, Tommy enjoys playing volleyball and can also be found snacking whenever he’s doing anything. While he loves all snacks, but his favourite is buttered popcorn jelly beans!


Brilliant Educator

Roshini graduated from North Sydney Girls with a 96+ ATAR, and is studying Commerce/Economics at UNSW. Having worked in tutoring and helping students with homework since 2015, Roshini models expert versatility across primary and high school English. As a result of her friendly and proactive nature, Roshini is always willing to accommodate each of her student’s needs.


Maths and Physics Einstein

Samiz is currently studying a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physics at UNSW. He received a 97.5 ATAR. Samiz knows that no two students are the same and aims to make learning simple by understanding what methods each individual student finds the most comfortable. Samiz aspires to teach Mathematics and be an Actuary.


English Extraodinaire

Nikki is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Psychology, with a minor in Literary Studies. Nikki graduated from Hornsby Girls High School and achieved an ATAR above 98, placing her in the top 2%. Nikki loves English and is passionate about teaching both primary and secondary students in the humanities. Through her supportive and positive nature, Nikki always strives to understand each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

Yong Yong

Excellent Educator

Yong Yong is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at the University of Sydney. At Au Academy, she loves to teach Maths and English. Yong Yong is known for her focused, yet upbeat and attentive personality. She hopes to ingrain her enthusiasm for learning within her students through teaching styles that suit them individually. In her spare time, she enjoys reading comics and watching movies.


Maths Genius

Anne is currently studying Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney. Her kindness and warm smile makes her easy to talk to and to get along with. Anne’s versatility across primary and high school maths compels her to motivate her students to push their boundaries and learn new things. When Anne is not busy studying, you can find her on any shopping website.


English Extraodinaire

Thomas is currently studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education/Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney. Preparing to teach both English and Ancient History, Thomas has a passion for writing and hopes to share this passion with his students. He also strives to make the classroom a friendly, positive, and engaging learning environment where students are able to challenge themselves, improve their skills, and learn effectively.


English Expert

Hazel is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology, minoring in health at the University of Sydney. She graduated from Hornsby Girls High School and is ranked top 3% in NSW. She also ranked #8 in English at Hornsby Girls. She always puts in 100% effort for all her students, helping to create an enjoyable learning environment where students are comfortable and open to asking questions and engaging with their learning. In her spare time, Hazel enjoys going on scenic hikes/runs, reading and trying new foods. Some time in the future she also hopes to run a marathon!

Lucas R

English Extraodinaire

Lucas is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws at UNSW and aims to share his enthusiasm and dedication in a supportive environment by providing skills and strategies necessary to helping students foster a similar passion for English. Lucas loves to help others the best way he can and guide his students to find motivation and excellence. When he’s not at the Academy, Lucas is pursuing a music career and strives to find new ways to inspire others and express himself creatively.


Excellent Educator

Praju is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts at UNSW, majoring in Linguistics and Japanese. She loves working with students and doing her absolute best to ensure their success. She’s always been passionate about English and writing is something she loved doing even outside of school. In her spare time, she loves doing digital art and reading. She’s also a big fan of learning languages and is currently studying both Italian and Japanese, in the hopes of being able to visit both countries in the near future!


Miraculous Mathematician

Jedi is undertaking a double degree in Engineering and Math at UNSW next year. Jedi has a real love for Math and scored a band 6 in both Extension 1 and 2 Maths. In his spare time, Jedi likes to go outdoors, study the Bible and has recently adopted a hobby for cloud watching. 


Excellent Educator

Damien is undertaking a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at the University of New South Wales. He is another one of our Au Academy graduates who likes to share his love for Math and Science with everyone he talks to. Damien believes that the best teachers are the ones who teach with enthusiasm and strives to relay his passion onto his students. When he’s not studying, Damien can be found playing the piano or training with his Oz Tag team.

Lucas P

Engineering Expert

Lucas is currently studying a double degree of Mechatronic Engineering (Honours) and Commerce at UNSW. He has an excellent eye for mathematics and takes pride in developing students to reach their full potential by sparking their inner ingenuity and curiosity. He understands that no two students learn the same way and always strives to guide them into finding their motivations and passions. Outside of university, Lucas can often be found socialising or competing on the sports field.


Excellent Educator
Charlotte is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at Macquarie University, majoring in English. Charlotte aims to help her students gain confidence in their own capabilities and be able to find an interest in whatever they are studying. She believes that education is a great way to find passions in life and finds it incredibly rewarding to witness a student locate their own area of interest.  When Charlotte isn’t working, you can find her sketching, watercolour painting, collaging and clay sculpting. She also loves to embark on road trips, exploring new places.


Biology Expert

Sara has a Bachelor of Medical Science at UNSW. She has studied anatomy and is pursuing a Masters in Nursing. She is very passionate about all things Biology, Maths and English, and believes that the trick to excelling in biology or any other subject is constant practice and learning from your mistakes. In her spare time she enjoys reading, swimming competitively and sketching.


Prima Pilot

Shelby is an Au Academy graduate and is studying a  Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechanical) and Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney. Having achieved All-Round Merit in the HSC, Shelby is fully equipped to reach the needs of the students at all levels. He has a deep desire to expand his knowledge of science and maths and as such wants to impart this to his students. When not studying or at Au, Shelby loves to fly and is on his way to achieve his Private Pilots Licence. He also enjoys camping, fishing and leather craft. 


Excellent Educator

Daniel is currently studying a Bachelor of Data Science and Decisions at UNSW and aspires to become a data scientist. Daniel takes an interactive approach with students, encouraging them to ask questions and develop a passion to improve. In Daniel’s spare time, he likes to watch TV, and play both tennis and table tennis!


Excellent Educator

Tom is currently undertaking a double degree in Electrical Engineering (Honours) and Computer Science at UNSW. As Tom knows that every student is unique and learns differently, he aims to cater each lesson to his students’ individual learning pace and abilities. Tom also aims to pass on his enjoyment and love for Maths to his students in hopes that it will be intuitive for them. In his spare time, Tom loves playing chess and participating in any and all sports, especially cricket and tennis.

Mr J

Ingenious Wizard

Mr. J heads our Maths, Selective Test and Opportunity Class Preparation Courses. He is a Maths and General Ability extraordinaire. He runs a tech company, knows cryptology, programming and thoroughly enjoys teaching his kids. He sees it as a hobby, not a job!

Tick Tick Crew

Exceptional Markers

Kaitlyn, Jess, Gaya, Tanaya, Ksenia and Jasmine are the Au Academy OC and Selective markers. If you’re ever bored at Au, go chat with them. Beware though, they’ll probably end up giving you a very long lecture on why you shouldn’t end your narratives with “but it was all just a dream”.


Chief Cleaning Officer (CCO)

Gracie is the Chief Cleaning Officer of Au Academy. She is an extremely hard worker, often staying back overtime to sweep the classrooms for the valued students of Au. Gracie has only been with us for a couple of months but has already made a notable impression in the Au community. She plans on retiring in the next couple of years when the dust settles.

Our Stellar Admins


Baking Master

Emily is currently studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science at UNSW. As a member of the administrator team, Emily is kind, caring and always ready to answer any questions, whether they be admin related or for Maths, Science and English. Emily also has a passion for cooking, and you will find her baking for her friends and family in her spare time.


Adept Administrator

Ena is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Art and a Bachelor of Advanced Studies in Languages at the University of Sydney. She is a great admin who is friendly, approachable and loves to chat. When she is free, Ena enjoys dancing and likes to socialise with other dancers and challenges herself with new moves


Superstar Secretary

Lecquia (pronounced le-kia) is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Medical Science at UNSW. She is one of our ex-students and is now one of our Admins who is always delighted to answer your questions, or have a chat and laugh. When she’s not studying or working, Lecquia loves watching the ballet, playing squash, exploring, baking and painting.


Adept Administrator

Lara is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws at the University of Sydney, and achieved an ATAR of 98.75 in her HSC. As part of the admin team, she is always happy to help and ready to answer any questions. In her free time, she loves to swim, hike, and try her hand at a variety of exciting recipes. 

We Have Heart

We are a strong team of educators in a nurturing environment. We work together, facilitating conversation, providing extra exam support and do what is necessary to see our students succeed.

We Have Heart

As long-time educators, we genuinely care about our students and connect with them on an individual basis. Talk to us and find out.

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We Have Humour

Learning should be fun! We provide a nurturing environment and actively support our student’s pursuit of academic excellence.

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We’re Determined

We are determined to see your child succeed academically and professionally. We work as a team to ensure our students see results.

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