Our Excellent Educators


Punctilious Mathematician

Soham graduated from Normanhurst Boys High School, and recently completed a degree in Medical Science at UNSW and is seeking to pursue further studies in Medicine. Soham is very capable and loves to help students in Maths, English, and all Sciences. He wishes to share his knowledge and insight about how to break down difficult concepts and believes practice makes perfect – especially in avoiding silly mistakes.

Yong Yong

Exceptional Educator

Yong Yong is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at the University of Sydney. At Au Academy, she loves to teach Maths and English. Yong Yong is known for her focused, yet upbeat and attentive personality. She hopes to ingrain her enthusiasm for learning within her students through teaching styles that suit them individually. In her spare time, she enjoys reading comics and watching movies.


Maths and Physics Einstein

Samiz is currently studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Maths and Physics at UNSW. He received a 97.5 ATAR. Samiz knows that no two students are the same and aims to make learning simple by understanding what methods each individual student finds the most comfortable. Samiz aspires to teach Mathematics and be an Actuary.


Marvellous Mathematician

Tom is currently undertaking a double degree in Electrical Engineering (Honours) and Computer Science at UNSW. As Tom knows that every student is unique and learns differently, he aims to cater each lesson to his students’ individual learning pace and abilities. Tom also aims to pass on his enjoyment and love for Maths to his students in hopes that it will be intuitive for them. In his spare time, Tom loves playing chess and participating in any and all sports, especially cricket and tennis.


Excellent Educator
Charlotte is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at Macquarie University, majoring in English. Charlotte aims to help her students gain confidence in their own capabilities and be able to find an interest in whatever they are studying. She believes that education is a great way to find passions in life and finds it incredibly rewarding to witness a student locate their own area of interest.  When Charlotte isn’t working, you can find her sketching, watercolour painting, collaging and clay sculpting. She also loves to embark on road trips, exploring new places.


Maths Magician

Jedi is a graduate from Barker College, currently studying at UNSW doing a double degree in Engineering and Math. Jedi has a real love for math, doing Extension 2 level math in high school and scoring a band 6 for both Extension 1 and 2. He wants to see his students develop the same passion for math that he has. In his spare time he likes to play ultimate Frisbee or sit at home and watch Netflix. 


Empathetic Educator

Julia is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology- Honours at Macquarie University.  Julia is hard working and has a passion for education specifically helping her students reach their goals. Julia is a driven person and has the goal of becoming a developmental psychologist so she can continue her love for helping children. She hopes to have an inspiring influence on her students as her tutors throughout school did for her. In her spare time she loves to read poetry and visit art galleries. 


Excellent Educator

Isabella is an Associate within the Catastrophic Injury & Large Loss team at Clyde & Co. During her tertiary studies, she undertook International Law and Dispute Resolutions at Michigan State University, before being conferred a Bachelor of Arts – Psychology and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from Macquarie University. Prior to her legal career, she worked in business management, retail, and real estate. Through her experiences, she has developed a strong interest for easily accessible education and is passionate in assisting students with their learning and development.


English Extraordinaire

Emma is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Advanced Studies at the University of Sydney.  Passionate about English, Emma’s responsive teaching is catered to the student’s individual needs and goals for English. She aims to deepen the appreciation and understanding of students for English and create a positive learning outlook. In her free time, Emma enjoys writing, reading, and handcrafts such as scrapbooking and crocheting. 


Wonderful Educator

Jasmine is studying a double degree of Media and Arts, majoring in English at UNSW. Having graduated from Hornsby Girls High School, she is enthusiastic and optimistic when helping students fully understand and apply important concepts. She upholds positive reinforcement as a means of creating understanding, and for supporting students in their academic endeavours to the best of her ability. When Jasmine isn’t studying, she enjoys watching movies and playing Nintendo games.


Amazing Educator

Eric is currently studying an Advanced Mathematics/Computer Science double degree at UNSW. He is kind-hearted and caring for his students and ensures that not only do they learn, but also that they are comfortable in the learning environment.  He has a knack for finding bizarre, but suitable analogies to explain a concept, helping students with their understanding. Eric has been tutoring for 2 years, focusing on high-level maths. In his spare time, he loves to play around with music, and if you’re lucky enough you might be able to find his tiny youtube channel.


Marvelous Mathmatician

Harry is currently studying a degree of Science and Advanced Studies at the University of Sydney, majoring in both Physics and Psychological Sciences. Having graduated with a 96.30 ATAR, Harry is aware of all the major problems students encounter in their studies and seeks to assist students to overcome these barriers with zealous and confidence by providing a personalised tutoring experience. When he is not tutoring or studying for university, you can find Harry at the local cricket nets with his mates having a swing around. 


Marvelous Mathematician
JJ is studying a Bachelor of Computer Science at UNSW. He loves to share his extensive knowledge of math and computing with his students. He also enjoys helping them find enjoyment in their studies and inspiring them to expand their knowledge. In his spare time, JJ can be found making video games, reading manga in Japanese or playing the guitar.


Excellent Educator

Angela is currently a university student at University of New South Wales (UNSW) studying Commerce and Media. After finishing the HSC as a proud Distinguished Achiever, Angela understands the impact that a good tutor can have on young students. Hence, Angela is ready to put effort and preparation into her students’ success. Whether it is to get a head start in school or to catch up on difficult subjects, Angela will strive to achieve her student goals. In her spare time, she enjoys badminton, karaoke with friends and going to the gym. 


Miraculous Mathematician

Max is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Civil) and Bachelor of Design in Architecture at University of Sydney. Empathetic and persistent, he focuses on breaking down and explaining the fundamentals to challenging questions, allowing for engaging lessons. Outside of studying and his job, he’s finding opportunities to extend his help to other people, or either listening to J-Pop while reading manga or watching anime.


English Extraordinaire

Maya is currently studying a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) – Human and Social Sciences at ANU. With interests in linguistics and psychology, Maya aims to always cater to students’ specific needs, whether that be polishing an HSC writing technique or helping to strengthen reading comprehension. Her goal is to impart as much quality knowledge as possible in order to help students reach their fullest potential. In her spare time, you can find Maya deeply engrossed in a news article or short story, gaming with friends, or heading to the gym.


Excellent Educator
Anushree graduated from Abbotsleigh and is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Advanced Science (Honours) at UNSW. As a distinguished achiever with a 97+ ATAR, she has experimented with various study techniques, making her capable in personalising students’ experiences to ensure they reach their goals. She aims to spread her passion and appreciation for Mathematics using innovative techniques to make it both enjoyable and less daunting. During her free time, Anushree embraces her creative side through dance and art.


Excellent Educator

Parmis is studying a Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) at UNSW. She is friendly, enthusiastic, and is determined to help her students reach their academic goals by providing them with the skills they need to succeed. Parmis has a passion for problem-solving, and spends her free time going bushwalking. 


Excellent Educator
Hana is currently studying a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies for Medical Science at the University of Sydney, with a second major in English. She enjoys looking at problems from different angles and helping students achieve their study goals. In her free time, Hana will always look for something to draw or read.


Excellent Educator
Joshua has recently returned to Australia from the United States, and hopes to study a Bachelor of Law at the University of Sydney following his gap year. Passionate about helping his students achieve their goals, Josh highly values the importance of education and personal growth through resilience and hard work. In his spare time, Josh can be found spending time with his family and friends, and eating New York-style cheesecake. 


Excellent Educator
Tony graduated from James Ruse with a 99+ ATAR, and is currently studying Bachelor of Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine at the University of Newcastle. He believes in providing interactive lessons built upon individual strengths and weaknesses, and emphasises on a thorough breakdown of fundamental concepts. While understanding the course content is crucial, Tony believes that familiarity with exam structure and common exam questions are also important. By focusing on exam oriented problem solving, Tony aims to build student confidence in assessment settings. Tony is skilled in teaching both Math and Chemistry, and enjoys playing tennis and playing video games with friends. 

Tick Tick Crew

Exceptional Markers

Ellie, Ahana, Ruby,  Elaine, and Bethany, Sara, Simran, Sam are the Au Academy OC and Selective markers. If you’re ever bored at Au, go chat with them. Beware though, they’ll probably end up giving you a very long lecture on why you shouldn’t end your narratives with “but it was all just a dream”.

Our Stellar Admins


Adept Administrator

Lara is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws at the University of Sydney, and achieved an ATAR of 98.75 in her HSC. As part of the admin team, she is always happy to help and ready to answer any questions. In her free time, she loves to swim, hike, and try her hand at a variety of exciting recipes. 


Superstar Secretary

Lecquia (pronounced le-kia) is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Medical Science at UNSW. She is one of our ex-students and is now one of our Admins who is always delighted to answer your questions, or have a chat and laugh. When she’s not studying or working, Lecquia loves watching the ballet, playing squash, exploring, baking and painting.


Awesome Administrator

Ksenia is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Politics and International Relations), majoring in Psychological Science at the University of Sydney. Having previously been a Marker at Au, she is a member of the Admin and tutor team who will always be happy to answer any questions or help out where needed. As a tutor, she is passionate about helping her students prepare and strengthen exam technique and expand their literary horizons. In her free time, Ksenia can be found baking, practicing the violin, or at her dance studio.


Awesome Administrator

Aarathe is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies at the University of Sydney. She loves meeting new people, and helping people out to the best of her abilities! She also loves providing advice to her friends and colleagues. Her hobbies include knitting, drawing, and listening to music.

We Have Heart

We are a strong team of educators in a nurturing environment. We work together, facilitating conversation, providing extra exam support and do what is necessary to see our students succeed.

We Have Heart

As long-time educators, we genuinely care about our students and connect with them on an individual basis. Talk to us and find out.

We Have Humour

Learning should be fun! We provide a nurturing environment and actively support our student’s pursuit of academic excellence.

We’re Determined

We are determined to see your child succeed academically and professionally. We work as a team to ensure our students see results.