Online OC Test Preparation

Au Academy is now offering our OC Test Preparation classes online! Our online tutoring via Zoom and Google Classroom lets us support our students at home!

We have found that Zoom and Google Classroom are stable platforms for students to easily access weekly live online lessons and interact with the course content. This includes weekly mock exams and homework tasks that are marked, with feedback provided by the tutor. Students may also ask questions on the Google Classroom forum about the OC course content or exam preparation tips, which will be answered by the tutor during and outside of class time. 

If you are interested in online or in-person tutoring for any of the subjects we offer, please email us at and we will reply within 12 hours. 

OC Test Course Information

Our mission is to provide students preparing for the OC exams with optimum support in an academically enriching and inclusive class environment. 

Our OC Tutor dedicates extra time and commitment because he genuinely cares about his students and consistently motivates and engages students to excel. Our tutor truly understands the value of developing a positive work ethic in students, especially during these early stages of their education.

Exam preparation is just as important at home as it is during the allocated class time, hence why our tutor has recently implemented our very own Google Classroom forum for our OC students. This is a brilliant platform for our tutor to regularly follow up and assess his students’ progress outside class time, and answer all questions regarding exam preparation. Our tutor also provides additional IT support to ensure students can easily navigate their way around Zoom and Google Classroom.

The Opportunity Classes (OC) Test is open to Public School students in Years 4 and 5 to be selected to enter gifted and talented education classes in Years 5 and 6. Opportunity Classes are found in approximately 75 public primary schools in NSW.

“The Opportunity Class Placement Test measures ability and is set to discriminate at a very high level. Students who are accustomed to answering most questions in tests correctly should not be discouraged if they get a number of questions wrong. It is very rare for even the highest scoring candidates to score full marks on all components of the Opportunity Class Placement Test. Opportunity class entry does not depend entirely on a student’s performance in the Opportunity Class Placement Test as school assessment scores in English and Mathematics are provided by the primary schools.”

From The Official NSW Public Schools Site under Primary Schools with Opportunity Classes.

Au Academy 2020 – 2021 Opportunity Classes (OC) Test Preparation Course

Our OC Test preparation classes have limited spaces. We are currently enrolling for the Year 3 2020 -2021 OC Test Preparation classes. Students may enrol late during this period; however, it is advised that students begin the course as soon as possible to determine assessed areas where students need improvement and we have limited spaces available. To confirm your place in this limited-seats program for 2020 and 2021, please contact us.

During our OC class, students take a sample OC Exam, receive explanations on test questions and receive lectures on the subjects tested (the lecture will be based on Mathematical Reasoning, Reading and Problem Solving Skills). We target individual student weaknesses by providing individualised tutoring catered to your student’s weaknesses. We provide an innovative approach to teaching the OC Test as students will engage interactively with the materials via our interactive projectors, write-able walls and class discussions, or via Zoom and Google Classroom. The OC Preparation course includes interactive lectures, extensive study materials (e.g., homework and classwork packets), weekly mock exams, in-depth take-home guides and our in-depth test analysis and consultation (breakdown of scores) for parents. We also offer study support and additional preparation time for the OC Examination, closer to the test date. For more information about our OC Preparation course or to register, please contact us or ask us a question.

What we provide:

  • OC Exam every week
  • Homework every week
  • Classwork every week
  • Interactive online format
  • Engaging lectures every week (we emphasize understanding and tackle student weaknesses)
  • Classroom competitions
  • Secret surprise pizza parties (learning should be fun, too)
  • Individualised assessment of scores
  • Breakdown of scores
  • Weekly parent consultation with our Test Advisor
  • Study support and additional preparation time as the test nears
  • Four + hours a week – $60 per week for all three subjects tested (Maths, English and GA)
  • Try our free assessment, and a prepaid to see if we can help your child
  • No commitment period. No long-term contract. You can leave at any time.