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Au Academy was founded on the principle of quality, affordable education.  Simply, we are one of the most affordable coaching centres in Sydney with programs to fit almost any budget.  Compared with other tuition centres, we are a savings of 20 – 70% per hour.  We provide interactive learning in a state of the art facility and access to a computer lab, where students can conduct research and print assignments.  For Years 1 – 10, we provide 24/7 on-line access to lectures and study guides developed fothe new NSW Curriculum (contact us for more information). For Years 11 – 12, we provide in-depth lectures and course-specific study guides. Additionally, our experienced and qualified educators will provide your child with an extra dose of humour, inspiration, and motivation.  Not only are they intelligent and talented, our educators have also shown compassion, sympathy, and heart. 

  • There is no long-term contact at Au Academy. We believe in flexibility.

  • We provide free exams, exam support and review for our Year 7 – 12 students.

  • We have results. Our results prove (time and time) again that our holistic approach to education works.

What We Offer our Students and Parents

According to a Pearson Education report, Australia, Finland, Singapore, and South Korea lead the world in educational quality and outcomes.  These results are confirmed by the Center on International Education Benchmarking.  At Au Academy, not only do we base our teaching on the NSW Curriculum, we also combine it with the best educational ideas, practices and curricula from the world’s leading educational countries (Finland, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and the United States).  Thus, our students are learning from the best, culled resources in the world.

2. All our educators have ATAR scores from 97 to 99+, possess a Bachelor’s degree, and/or possess a graduate degree.  The majority of our educators have received honours or high honours in their courses and are qualified experts in their fields.  Most importantly, our educators are professionals, offering both academic and real-world advice to our students.

3.  At Au Academy, we provide quality education at a savings of 20 – 70%.  We believe that quality education should be fair and affordable.  We pride ourselves in being an educational centre and not an education business.

4.  We provide a small classroom learning environment (with 10 students or less), so our students receive individualised attention.  In addition, subject to availability, we provide struggling students with personalised tutoring at no additional cost!.  *Call us for more details.

5. We have a state of the art facility with write-able walls, an all-access computer lab, interactive projectors,and  interactive lectures.  We provide 24/7 on-line access to hundreds of lectures and study guides for Years 1 – 10 students developed for the NSW Curriculum.  Students in Years 11 – 12 will receive interactive lectures, in-depth materials and coursework designed for the HSC.   Contact us for more details.

6. We provide a fun learning dynamic based on active teaching methodologies.  Our students are actively involved in their learning and, thus, develop intuit understanding of their school subjects.

7. Our Principal’s students have attended the TOP Universities in the World with standardised test scores in the 90 – 100 percentile.  These selective Universities include Harvard, MIT, UCLA, UC Berkeley, etc.  

8. We strongly believe that students whose minds are stimulated by a rich environment perform better than their peers.  We strive to develop the best curricula, projects and experiments, so our students can succeed.


Our students have been accepted to the top Selective Schools, university fields and schools in the world. We have Duxes, top of the class and state-ranked former students. Our students have been admitted to the Top Universities in the World(UCLA, Berkeley, MIT, etc.) with relevant test scores in the 90 – 100 percentile! We have worked with leading academics in pursuit of learning excellence.

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