We ensure accuracy, speed and understanding of learning objectives by combining games, interactive lectures and project-based learning. While we believe drills, worksheets and rote memorisation can help students in Years 1 – 2, we believe that understanding reigns above all. Thus, rote memorisation is combined with intuit understanding. We couple our learning methodology by providing all students with access to resources, interactive lectures and worksheets developed by Australian educators for the NSW Curriculum. Our goal is to accelerate students in both Maths and English.

Please note that we highly recommend that Year 1 students only enrol in Private Tutoring if they are either struggling to keep up with school work and are in need of extra support, or if they are advanced for their year level and need tutoring to continue to support and extend their learning.

Proven Results

We have helped students gain admission to the Top Universities in the World (e.g., MIT, UCLA, and Berkeley) and helped students rank nationally and globally. We have helped students score in the 90th – 100th percentile on several standardised tests. We have worked with Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford, UCLA, Berkeley, and USyd alumni. Thus, we can help you with your target goals, whether that is a 99.95 ATAR or admission to Harvard.

Guides, Homework & Exams

Students in Years 1 – 10 receive 24/7 on-line access to thousands of study guides, interactive lecture materials and resources written by Australian educators for the new 2014 curriculum. Students in Years 11 – 12 will receive in-depth study guides, course-specific homework and weekly mock exams in preparation for their courses.

Interactive Lectures

Students receive individualised attention in our small class sizes. Students are exposed to various visual, textual and auditory resources. Our interactive lectures help students understand and intuit their class materials. All classes are taught by qualified, experienced Au Academy Educators.

Feedback and Student Progress

All Au Academy students receive weekly, written comments from our Educators. We also provide real-time updates and attendance tracking to parents who wish to know their children’s academic progress.

Personalised Tutoring at No Additional Cost

Struggling students receive personalised tutoring to target weaknesses and strengthen understanding. Students who cannot keep up in our small class sizes or keep up with the head-start curriculum will receive customised and personalised tutoring at no additional cost.

Unlimited Study Hours

We provide a quiet, safe environment for our students to study and revise for exams at all hours our centre is open. We also provide free internet, access to laptops and computers, free printing services, and access to beverages and snacks.