Online OC and Selective Test Preparation

Au Academy is now offering our OC and Selective Test Preparation classes online! Our online tutoring via Zoom and Google Classroom lets us support our students at home!

We have found that Zoom and Google Classroom are stable platforms for students to easily access weekly live online lessons and interact with the course content. This includes weekly mock exams and homework tasks that are marked, with feedback provided by the tutor. Students may also ask questions on the Google Classroom forum about the OC or Selective course content or exam preparation tips, which will be answered by the tutor during and outside of class time.

If you are interested in online or in-person tutoring for any of the subjects we offer, please email us at and we will reply within 24 hours.

Au Academy’s OC and Selective Courses

Our mission is to provide students preparing for the OC and Selective exams with optimum support in an academically enriching and inclusive class environment. 

Our OC and Selective Tutor dedicates extra time and commitment because he genuinely cares about his students and consistently motivates and engages students to excel. Our tutor truly understands the value of developing a positive work ethic in students, especially during these early stages of their education. The supportive environment we create is conducive to learning, as can be seen from our outstanding placements of OC and Selective students from 2015 – 2019. 

Exam preparation is just as important at home as it is during the allocated class time, hence why our tutor has recently implemented our very own Google Classroom forum for our OC and Selective students. This is a brilliant platform for our tutor to regularly follow up and assess his students’ progress outside class time, and answer all questions regarding exam preparation. Our tutor also provides additional IT support to ensure students can easily navigate their way around Zoom and Google Classroom.

Meet the OC and Selective Test Tutor

Au Academy’s phenomenal head tutor has been running our OC and Selective Test program since 2014 and has tutored students since 2004. Their experiences with a vast array of students over more than a decade have culminated in their expert knowledge of OC and Selective exam preparation.

As someone who understands the merits of hard work, they aim to instil positivity, determination and self-discipline in all his students. Their unending support for each student’s needs and goals is at the core of their drive for their success. This explains the consistent, proactive dynamic between them and their previous/current OC and Selective students. They encourage their students to be innovative thinkers and inquisitive problem solvers.

They also regularly volunteer a lot of their own time into preparing (online) OC and Selective tests and homework materials because they care. We appreciate their support of our students, and this practice is vital in strengthening their students’ performance. They also acknowledge the importance of sustaining a positive relationship between parents and students that is paramount throughout their exam preparation. Hence, our head tutor regularly provides progress feedback directly to parents and students with an open and honest approach.